Because despite 2020, you keep showing up!

About Me

Hey there,

Here’s a little bit About Me!

If I am not at work or working on Basic Nurse Apparel you can usually find me in my kitchen making snacks for my two littles. I love to workout and I eat chocolate every day. If you asked my friends they would say I am mostly known for my intense jump-rope skills and my love for crappy coffee -I am talking day old reheated cheap Nabob.

A year ago I was feeling totally content, but stuck. I had felt like things had plateaued. I read a few great books and decided to wake up and take responsibility for going after my dreams. So, here I am. While loving my work as an RN in the local ED, I am starting my Masters in Nursing as a Nurse Practitioner and have launched Basic Nurse Apparel.

Why Basic Nurse Apparel?

Early this year work was quickly becoming overwhelming. On top of providing emergency care, our Emergency Department also became the local COVID swabbing centre and policies were changing daily. We were all going crazy trying to keep up with the ever-changing policies. You know, the Emergency Department is usually a high stress environment for patients, rarely staff. For the first time ever, I saw lots of my peers truly terrified to come to work. The first wave of this pandemic was mayhem and the stressors added up quickly while a lot of coping mechanisms were inaccessible. Spending quality time with people out of your “bubble”: not allowed. Going to your favorite restaurant: not an option. Traveling for your vacation: don’t even think about it. So, I spent my time launching Basic Nurse Apparel.

Whenever I stumbled across social media pictures of nurses across the world in their pandemic PPE, or lack thereof, I felt more connected to them than ever before. I could feel their exhaustion, their fear, and the heat – oh man the heat! We were all sharing work challenges that few others could relate to. So, I created something that could help nurses celebrate themselves for the hard work they were doing! Basic Nurse Apparel is here to offer something that nurses can treat themselves and fellow colleagues to. I wanted to send every nurse hugs, which was impossible and totally inappropriate during a pandemic, so I tried to think of the next coziest thing… the perfect sweatshirt!

The best part of starting the company has been the unexpected relationships that have developed with other healthcare professionals all over the world! 2020 has been hard, no one would argue that, but I believe it has brought nurses closer than ever before. Seriously, its my favorite thing!

To all the nurses reading this I am sending you love and emotional endurance. Stay safe and stay cozy!

I would love to get to know YOU!
The easiest way to get a hold of me is by sending me a DM on Instagram @BasicNurseApparel